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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Enjoy a Cup: Organic Tea

by Pena Gaharu

Tea lovers all the world over will enjoy the tasteful, healthful and earth-pleasing benefits of organic tea. In choosing organic tea, the consumer will not only aid in the given benefits to the environment, but also for the working conditions for tea farmers and the consumer themselves. This article provides details of how choosing organic tea is beneficial for all.

Helping the Environment

Sources indicate that, by selecting an organic tea, consumers may be contributing to a healthier environment. Tea farmers who do not adhere to organic produce growing guidelines usually use pesticides. Organic tea farmers, however, are gentler on our environment, therefore when a consumer chooses organic tea they help by cutting back on the dangerous pesticide emissions that are used by non-organic tea-farmers and by contributing to the cut-back of excessive waste.

Promoting Better Working Conditions

Pesticides, it has been said, have shown to have incredibly harmful effects on our environment, and they have also proven possibly harmful to the people who encounter them. Those tea farmers who do not adhere to the proper organic guidelines treat themselves to the possibly devastating effects of pesticide ingestion on a regular basis.

When a consumer chooses organic tea, they are immediately promoting better working conditions for tea farmers, as those tea farmers who grow organic tea do not have to be placed in the way of harmful pesticides and, as a purchaser, organic tea buyers are thus advocating this safer practice.

Benefits for the Consumer

Studies suggest that consumers who select organic products may be more likely to maintain better health, as well. By choosing to use organic tea, consumers are making it less likely for themselves and for their families to ingest dangerous pesticides, and this is incredibly important because it has been said that the consumption of pesticides through food products is responsible for many health ailments. Enjoying organic tea is one way to ensure that you and your family members are at least that much safer from these possible problems.

Tea is a beverage that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and from all over the globe. Consumers should recognize that, by purchasing organic tea, she or he is contributing all the more to that enjoyment, as they will not only be enjoying the tasty beverage, but will also be assisting in the possibility of a healthier life for themselves, as well as for the farmers who produce the tea, and for the environment. When selecting the white, green, black, chai, oolong or herbal tea to their liking, consumers should also check for an organic label to best enjoy their tea purchase.


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