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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Feeling Good with Aromatherapy

by Pena Gaharu

Aromatherapy works by using aromas to enhance the feelings or well being of a person through the process of massaging the body, more specifically around the facial area while using essential oils, which were extracted from fruits, flowers, and herbs. Aromatherapy has been utilized down through the centuries by primarily foreign lands. The aromatic scents however stretched over into the United States, which today the oils are still used to heal the body and mind. However, controversy is present, since skeptics tend to disbelieve the notion that aromatherapy essential oils will promote energy, relax the body in mind, and heal the soul. However, reviews are posted, which the reviews claim otherwise. Who wins, who loses?

The fact is essential oils can aid as an aromatherapy solution, since for decades now people have used candles, including the scented candles to enhance moods, such as romance. In fact, candles are burnt in religious ceremonies, in windows, etc. The candles in the window typically are a welcome to the soldiers off the war, thus spiritually representing a cry to come home.

In addition, before candles were available, people would use fireplaces, brushfires, etc to set moods, including relaxing the body and mind. Now, if this remedy worked down through the years, what makes you think that the same remedies would not work today? Is it simply because someone holds a degree and claims that they do more than anybody else? Or is it because of a fear that perhaps essential oils can heal the body and mind?

The fact is essential oils along aromatherapy product lines comes from 100 percent natural sources, such as herbs, fruits, flowers, bark, etc. Now, if the natural sources are distilled into the essential oils, do not think that nature cannot provide a something that will, at most relax our body and mind?

Now, if you want to get technical we can go right down to the beginning of time and see that Adam and Eve lived off natural resources. The resources included fruits, herbs, vegetables, plants, etc. It wasn’t until we started eating meats from animal carcasses that mankind begun to suffering digestive problems, as well as other problems. Therefore, nature is our best friend, which if man leaves it alone and only adds natural ingredients, what makes you think it will not work?

Indians those nice people, who were violated at one time, had many things to teach us, which included natural remedies. Now, if people would’ve been working with these people instead of against them we may have remedies today that would heal the body and mind. In fact, many of the old timers’ remedies work better than modern medicines. In fact, to modern medicines are responsible for death, severe illnesses, etc. In addition, FDA is allowing so much, additives to our foods, specifically meats which are causing grave damage.


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