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Monday, June 19, 2006


by Pena Gaharu

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. It dates back to ancient times. According to the World Gold Council website gold dates back to ancient Egypt. And, wikipedia dates that gold go back in time to prehistoric times.

‘’ defined gold as:
(Symbol Au) A soft, yellow, corrosion-resistant element, the most malleable and ductile metal, occurring in veins and alluvial deposits and recovered by mining or by panning or sluicing. A good thermal and electrical conductor, gold is generally alloyed to increase its strength, and it is used as an international monetary standard, in jewelry, for decoration, and as a plated coating on a wide variety of electrical and mechanical components. Atomic number 79; atomic weight 196.967; melting point 1,063.0°C; boiling point 2,966.0°C; specific gravity 19.32; valence 1, 3.

The has a database of films reaching 600’s; all has the ‘gold’ word on the title.

Gold is mentioned in sacred books, whether in the Bible or the Koran.

So I guess, man cannot live without gold. It is a certainty that man must be involved at times during his life till time is no more with gold.

Certainly, gold is a must for people who likes to invest, it is said that the world rarest and most wanted after collector coins made from gold is the one sold at Sotheby’s auction in New York in 2002. The figures for a coin minted in 1933, reached a whopping USD 7.59 million. It’s funny how a substance that is just mere metal can be far reaching. Not to mention that wars were fought over just because men in other parts of the world wanted them. You may remember the term 3Gs, Gold, Gospel and Glory.

Gold is part of fashion, men and women wear it to accessories or literally wear gold.

Gold certainly has its winning feature as it is said that gold could be made from one single gram into a sheet of one square meter. It can even be spread out into a 300 square feet from an ounce. Amazing.

Well-known accomplishments are often rewarded by gold, in the style of medals and decorations. Winners of races and prizes are often given gold medal such as the Olympic Games, World Cup and the Nobel Prize, while a lot of award such as the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards and the British Academy Film Awards are portrayed in gold.

Kings in medieval times were sworn in under the symbols of sacred oil and a golden crown, then that symbol characterized the eternal shining light of heaven and thus a Christian king's divinely motivated influence. Wedding rings are traditionally made of gold; since it is long lasting and unaffected by the passage of time; it is considered a suitable material for everyday wear as well as a metaphor for the relationship. In Orthodox Christianity, the happy couple is adorned with a golden crown during the ritual, a union of figurative rites.

The symbolic importance of gold differs much around the globe, even within geographic area. For example, gold is common in Turkey but believed to be a most valuable present in Sicily.

From most ancient times, gold has been associated to religion and spirituality, especially associated with the Sun. It was also perceived to be the best material in decorating religious imagery, all over man period of time.

The Muslims’ transaction in everyday activities such as economic activities, marriage, and certain Islamic laws are based on gold as standard, the norm.