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Friday, October 20, 2006

Scuba Diving: The Gear

by Pena Gaharu

Scuba diving is a dynamic activity not only for the physique but also a peace of mind. This activity exposes a whole new world that lies under the water untouched and unknown. Scuba diving is simply an addictive activity, once you have tried it for enjoyment.

Nonetheless, it is vitally important that you get the proper training and scuba diving gear before you dive into the mystifying waters that can surprise you with its contents.

A Must Scuba Diving Gear For All

You must not embark on scuba diving, whether you are a professional or a novice without a wet suit. Wet suits are designed to contain your body and maintain the temperature required by it at all times without dehydrating or exposing it to any threat that may be present in the waters.

Another necessary item is the facemask. It is designed to guard your eyes and allow you to see clearly at all times. Any under water motion however simple requires a mask to protect your eyes or else you will not be able to open them at all.

The scuba diving booties and fins are something that every responsible divers strongly recommend even for experienced divers as it makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and straightforward.

A scuba diving tank and regulator are things that will be provided on site by the instructor that will accompany you. Only certified scuba divers usually have their own scuba diving equipment such as the tank, regulator and wet suit.

The oxygen tanks are usually a standard size and will provide you with the time you want to spend under water however you must make clear note of that time so you don't over stay and run out of oxygen.

There are special designed diving watches which have an outer bezel that is used to mark the time you can spend under water. It is an investment having one of these watches if you choose to dive regularly; it may prove to save your life.

Get Pleasure From Scuba Diving Without Jeopardizing Your Life

Scuba diving is as dangerous as it is adventurous. Do not venture off missing an instructor (if you are a beginner) or without the adequate scuba diving gear.

There are a few who venture in the open water without the proper gear and sometimes even without clothes but, they also expose themselves to accidents and infections which can be fatal. Scuba diving gear is meant to protect you as well as let you have the maximum fun safely in the given setting; try and keep it safe for you and the world down below by following the essential procedures.


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